What is Sunset Token

The Sunset Token
The native cryptocurrency of Sunset, SNS, is a BEP-20 token created on the
Binance Smart Chain network and is the core of the Sunset ecosystem. As a utility token,
SNS can be used to acquire products and servicesrelated to travel in the upcoming Sunset
booking platform while providing many different types of incentives to encourage the use
of the token.
Token Features and Utility
The features of SNS are both all of those inherent to the blockchain technology,
such as decentralization, transparency, security, accuracy, efficiency, affordability and
accessibility to everyone around the world, and those specific of the token such as the

Zero Transaction Fees – users are not charged fees when trading (buy/sell) SNS
since it’s not part of the code design;
Exclusive Reward system – users will be given many different possibilities of
acquiring extra SNS tokens, being through loyalty, giveback, referral. The collected
tokens can be redeemed for products and services related to travel in the Sunset
Transparent Review System – a transparent review system must be a feature in a
transparent business model. The SNS token will be used to validate the
authenticity of a review and, thus, promote consumer trust.

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