Sunset ecosystem

A simplified representation of what the Sunset ecosystem will resemble when

fully deployed can be observed in figure 1. The inventory works like a pool of travel-
related products and servicessuch as hotels, airplane tickets, etc. When suppliers provide

inventory to the platform, they will have to use SNS in the process, the same applies for
consumers that retrieve from the inventory. The price of the asset in the pool will be
determined directly by the supplier. When a transaction is made with SNS, an amount of
it will be redirected to the maintenance of the ecosystem and then redistributed to the
Sunset community, to the payment of rewards for both suppliers and consumers and to
the governance of the ecosystem. The governance of the Sunset ecosystem implies: 1. A
fund in which the community will be allowed to propose and vote for modifications in the
platform later to be developed and deployed by the Sunset team; 2. The maintenance of
healthy liquidity pools; 3. The use of funds for management and development of the

Buyback & Burn Strategy
We want our investors (early and later), traders and holders alike to be given the
opportunity to see their investments pay off and to accomplish this we decided to
introduce a buy back & burning mechanism to the SNS ecosystem. By increasing the
scarcity of the token in a classic demand and supply pattern is expected an increment in
the token value over time. Every 3 months the Sunset team will buy SNS from the open
market, equivalent to 20% of our profit during that quarter and will send it to a dead
wallet. These buyback & burn events will happen until there is a remaining supply of 100
billion SNS tokens (10% of the initial total supply).

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